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Recreating Nature

An aquarium ecosystem is a collection of equipment and natural materials, designed to recreate the balance found in nature. A stable ecosystem is one of the key components of a successful aquarium, ensuring healthy fish and an algae-free display.  

We offer 4 types of ecosystems as part of the setup with your aquarium or fish tank.  


A freshwater aquarium is a system set up to house fish originating from freshwater river and lake ecosystems. They are characterized by the predominant use of wood, stone, and sand to create an aquascape defined by robust features and a pronounced architecture. These aquasacpes are heavily reliant on shape and form to create a visual impact.

Hardscapes are a great entry point for aspiring aquarists as these systems require the least amount of attention and expertise, allowing a degree of flexibility in their long term care.       



A planted tank is an aquarium system, set up to house plants and fish originating from freshwater river and lake ecosystems. Popularised in the early 2000's by the works of Japanese aquascaper Takashi Amano these types of displays are known for their vibrancy and the positive energy that they bring to a space. Often referred to as nature aquariums due to the fact that plants complete the cycle of life between the animals and the physical environment in an ecosystem.  

These set ups typically require better lighting, better filtration, with the addition of mineral supplements to support healthy plant growth without nuisance algae. Following the correct steps along with having the right equipment  will ensure success with such a rewarding aspect of fish keeping.       




A saltwater aquarium features oceanic rock and sand with brightly coloured fish from tropical oceans and seas around the world.
These aquariums require a more complex filtration system to achieve success.
Highly sought after and extremely desirable in both its appeal and energy. These high impact displays will add a dynamic splash of colour and movement into your working environment.




A reef aquarium is a saltwater system comprising of marine fish, crabs, shrimps, live coral, and various other small animals
typically found on a tropical coral reef.
Care and attention to detail is vital with these aquariums. State of the art lighting and filtration technology is essential to ensuring the health and balance of these delicate ecosystems. 
Your reef aquarium will create the most beautiful visual impact in your home, with its compilation of vivid colours and eye catching shapes.


Peace Of Mind

Each ecosystem comes with the right type of lighting, filtration, and natural materials to meet the requirements of your fish and other aquarium life. 

These packages simplify what can be complicated decisions to make at the design stage, of any aquarium set up.

The main goal of any aquarium system is to replicate the natural environment of its inhabitants. All aquatic ecosystems are defined by three components

Physical Properties

Water Chemistry 

Biological Processes 

Our ecosystems balance these three features to create a safe and stable environment for life. 

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