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Large Residential Saltwater Aquarium


This 2.8 metre long saltwater aquarium was built into the structure of this renovated detached family home as part of a ground floor, open-plan living space, separating the dining area and lounge.

Working with the client and their design team Videre Aquariums situated the display tank in the central area of the home to create a memorable first impression as you enter the property as well as moments of calm and tranquillity for the families day to day life in the living space.

As part of the brief, Videre Aquariums were tasked to design an aquarium ecosystem that could house a large number of saltwater fish to create a high impact display with vibrant colours and multiple points of interest. In order to achieve this, they ran pipes under the flooring during the house renovation connecting the main display tank in the living area to the filtration equipment located 20 meters away in the garage.

The aquarium was fabricated on-site using 21mm thick laminated low iron glass held together with structural grade silicone, built upon on an extruded aluminium support frame. The bespoke panels and doors surrounding the aquarium were fabricated using moisture resistant MDF and sprayed using a water repellent polyurethane lacquerer that matched the colour and finish of the surrounding walls.

This system held a total volume of 4,600 litres, featuring over 35 different species of fish and coral, with state of the art Led lighting and a Wi-Fi linked computer management system monitoring and controlling all aspects of the environmental conditions inside the tank.

The seamless integration coupled with the colour and movement created from this display really brought the space to life, redefining the concept of having dinner with a view.



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