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ViDERE is a specialist aquarium design and installation company, creating bespoke aquariums and fish tanks for corporates and SME's.


We focus on helping companies improve the working environment of their employees by integrating the therapeutic nature of an aquarium into their environment as a tool for improving staff wellbeing and team retention.


Everything we do is designed to improve how people feel by connecting them with nature and transforming a company's working space into a life space. 


Our philosophy

Nature is ART

Connect People to Nature  

Bring Spaces to Life

The work we do is centred around the principles of BIOPHILLIA, an approach to incorporate nature into every day life through design and experience.  

We as humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. 

An aquarium is more than a place to keep your fish. 

It embodies nature itself.  

It is where NATURE becomes ART!

A living entity that's unique, grows and evolves over time.

It creates its own identity and relationship with the world around it, promoting balance and spirituality.

Aquariums have a trans-formative effect upon any interior space adding light, colour and movement. 

This how an aquarium brings a space to life.


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