Meet The Team

Akil Gordon-Beckford


Akil Beckford is an aquarist and designer who is passionate about connecting people to nature.  For over 15 years, Akil has been designing and installing aquariums into peoples homes and business's, creating globally recognised designs and displays. 

 "I became an aquarium designer to share my fascination with nature and its infinite sources of inspiration!
For me, using the medium of nature is the purest form of artistic expression.

 I created ViDERE to bring aquarium design to mainstream, culture, to connect it with other modern and traditional art forms, redefining how people use their spaces.

Aquariums have a unique way of transforming an environment and connecting people to nature, this is why I do what I do. "

Eduard Gercog

Life Artist

Eduard Gercog is an aquascaper and aquatic plant specialist, with over 10 years experience creating industry recognised aquascape designs throughout the UK and Europe. Eduard is a true artist with an affinity for detail and a good understanding of space, colour and composition. When not working Eduard, is a keen traveller who likes to train and participate in triathlons and iron man competitions around the world.

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