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"Boutique aquarium design and installation service..."

One of the key benefits of a bespoke aquarium is that it allows you to create a feature that integrates seamlessly with your interior creating a memorable experience at home for you and the family or at work for your team and clients.  

A successful aquarium project requires; planning and preparation, various professional skills, along with an attention to detail and consistency. Getting all these stages right can be challenging and expensive if not executed properly. 

Below are three distinct services that together or individually will help you create the aquarium you have always wanted.. 


Design & Consultation

''... your ideas start to become real..."

The most vital stage of any aquarium project.

The design stage creates a clear picture of how your aquarium will look and function based on the reason "WHY" you want an aquarium.  

A collaborative approach where your ideas start to become real

Key Aims 

  • Feasibility assessment

  • Define the aquariums physical dimensions.  

  • Establish a theme based on colour and materials

  • Detailed system design including technical drawings,  and CGI.

  • Identify all suppliers and third party contractors

  • Create a project budget

  • Create a project schedule   

Build & Installation

''... turn your designs into a living ecosystem..."

The aim of this stage is to turn the plans and designs into a physical feature.  

A comprehensive build and installation service, project managed and delivered to  specification.

We offer a range of services including onsite fabrication, aquarium plumbing/electrics.

Key Aims 

  • Co-ordinate schedule with contractors and support services

  • Prepare area for aquarium installation

  • Build aquarium and supporting structure

  • Connect aquarium to  services (electronics, plumbing, and ventilation).

  • Complete carpentry/Joinery


Setup & Aftercare

''...  a stable environment for your aquarium..."

Establishing a stable environment for your aquarium and its inhabitants, post 'Build & Installation' can be challenging and costly. Especially if you rush it!


It takes time for an aquariums biology and water chemistry to balance and stabilise.

This is why patience and consistency in a reliable method is key to achieving long term success. 

We provide a minimum of 3 months aftercare support for any bespoke aquarium we install  

Key Aims 

  • Create aquarium ecosystem 

    • Install equipment​

    • Aquascape (decorate) aquarium display

  • Establish micro-organism population

  • Establish fish / plant / coral community

  • Design long term aftercare programme  


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