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Freshwater Hardscape Aquarium, Chigwell, Essex

In 2014 we worked alongside LK Interiors to create an aquarium separating the study and kitchen of a luxury home in Chigwell Essex. The brief was to create a low maintenance, minimalist display that was suitable for a busy family that frequently travelled abroad.   

Two large, ornate pieces of driftwood were selected to create a dramatic layout, housing a large shoal of Platinum Tetra. The Platinum Tetra were added to contrast with the hardscape, inject movement and create a feel of opulence and sophistication to the design.


The aquarium ecosystem was state of the art. Echotech Radions for lights. Royal Exclusiv return pump situated in a sump that was connected to the homes water mains and waste drainage., The whole system was monitored, controlled and automated by the APEX aquarium computer by Neptune Systems. Having the APEX with the sump configuration enabled us to automate water changes to once a week without us being there. Mains water would pass through a series of carbon filters before enering the aquarium system. Flow-through filter (FTF)  was very effective at keeping the water crystal clear with very little algae on the hardscape and surfaces.  


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