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Saltwater Aquarium, Hammersmith, London

Akil Gordon-Beckford was commissioned by a young family to design and build a saltwater aquarium into the basement of their 19th century London townhouse, which was scheduled for renovation. As well as being a calming feature to enjoy whilst dinning, this aquarium carried out an architectural purpose of creating a transitional divider between the kitchen and living space.

The laminated panels surrounding the aquarium were colour matched to the Italian kitchen overlooking the display. Built into the supporting column the tank was fabricated onsite with double laminate, low iron glass for extra safety due to its location. The ecosystem for this 950 litre aquarium comprises of Giemsan T5 lights, a return pump, reactors, and skimmer by Royal Exclusiv, 120Kg of liverock, and a macro-algae refugium in the sump. 

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