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Aquarium Aftercare

"A sweet science of experience and best practices ..."

Aquarium care and management is a sweet science of experience and best practices. The wide variety of methods and approaches available for looking after an aquarium can often lead to confusion and costly mistakes, especially when it's your first time.

The key to long-term aquarium success is patience and consistency


Our AFTERCARE services are designed to support you with the long-term care of your new or existing aquarium system. Our team has years of experience managing water quality and aquatic environments in a range of domestic and commercial settings. We offer two levels of service 'BASIC' and 'PREMIUM' providing the amount of support you require moving forward. 


Once per month maintenance visits including:

  • Water change

  • Cleaning glass, substrate, and decor

  • Checking and cleaning equipment.

  • Providing a health check for inhabitants.

  • Water Testing 

  • Service Report

Covers all the basic care requirements for most aquarium ecosystems.  

Premium Aftercare

Twice a month or weekly maintenance visits with food and supplements provided as well as an auto feeder supplied as part of the service agreement.


  • Water change

  • Cleaning glass, substrate and decor/

  • Checking and cleaning equipment.

  • Providing a health check for inhabitants 

  • Food and Supplements

  • Water testing 

  • Aquarium progress diary

  • Service Report



A comprehensive care package designed for high impact displays containing large numbers of fish, fast growing plants, and sensitive ecosystems.


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