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"Maximise cash flow with simple monthly payments..."

Built for business!

Our aquarium lease hire service is the perfect option for companies who want to spread the cost of their aquarium over a 3 or 5 year period. 


Maximize Cash Flow

No large up-front payment so you keep the cash in your business,

Extended Warranty

All associated aquarium equipment will receive an extended warranty period past the stanard first year for the duration of the lease period. 


Fixed Payments

Payments are fixed for the duration of the lease period with no hidden extras. 

Tax Advantages

Leasing is the most tax efficient method of financing your aquarium, repayments are 100% allowable against taxable profit. 

            Existing Bank Credit Lines Unaffected
Leasing leaves bank credit lines intact and free for other business purposes. Working capital and bank overdrafts are also unaffected, 

Terms and Conditions

  • Only available for businesses. 

  • Payment schedules are as follows 1 payment followed by 35, or 1 payment followed by 59.

  • Alternative payment profiles are available.

  • On a lease rental contract VAT is payable at 20% of the monthly rental.

  • Offers are valid for 1 month from date of proposal.

  • Rates are indicative only and subject to formal credit approval.

  • Subject to status.

  • An administration fee is payable with the first rental (Maximum £300 + VAT per agreement). 

  • The terms set out above are given solely upon the understanding that they do not constitute any part of an offer or a contract, but are merely an invitation to treat.


Set up in 3 steps

Choose your tank

Videre Range or Bespoke Aquarium

Choose your set up

Freshwater, Planted, Marine, or Reef

Choose your lease period

3 years or 5 years


Lease Process

  • The lease arrangement is very similar to the lease rental agreements you would use for IT and telecoms etc.

  • The process involved in arranging a lease is quite straightforward.  

  • The leases are only secured against the project itself and therefore covenant strength of the lessee is a fundamental issue.

  • The funders are interested in the usual financial information - statutory and management accounts to help them reach their underwriting decision.

  • The underwriting process usually takes 2 – 5 days depending on the financial status of the applicant and the size of the project.

  • At the end of the lease period you have two choices:

  • Continue to rent the installation for the same monthly amount


  • Negotiate the indefinite use of the installation for a small one-off charge.

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