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Freshwater Hardscape Birmingham

Following the acquisition of the prestigious listed building Victoria House, this large freshwater aquarium was specified by the client to to be situated within the board room of the office on the first floor, as part of the refurbishment. Spanning the full length of the wall, the 2.6 meter long tank was intended to make a statement. The brief was to create a deep blue display with contrasting coloured fish similar to what you see on a reef using easy to care for low maintenance fish. With the limited space available for filtration we opted for an African Malawi Cichlid setup with ocean rock and coral sand.

To maximize the visual impact we only used two species of fish Labidochromis caeruleus and Aulonocara baenschi. The aquarium was set up with remote controlled lights for presentations and auto feeders to keep up with the regular feeds required to minimize aggression.

Aquarium Specs: Length-261cm, Width-29.5cm, Height-65cm, Capacity–500 litres, 200kg Ocean Rock, 50kg of white coral sand. 


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