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Double success for Videre being nominated for 2 SBID Product Design Awards 2020

Videre, has been nominated as a finalist for two awards at this year’s SBID Product Design Awards.

We have been nominated as a finalist for the categories Cabinetry & Joinery and Furniture – Contract for two amazing projects – an integrated bespoke aquarium and an office aquarium to help improve staff wellbeing.

Akil Gordon-Beckford, founder and director of Videre, commented, “Designing and installing bespoke aquariums has been my life’s passion and I have been lucky enough to have called it my career for nearly 15 years.

Everything I have done and continue to do is focussed on improving how people feel by connecting them with nature. And I love expressing this goal by designing bespoke aquariums for commercial and residential interiors.”

Blending creativity with technical specifications for the perfect aquarium

“Everything we do as a business is designed to improve how people feel, by connecting them with nature turning living and working spaces into LIFE spaces.

The integrated bespoke aquarium that is featured for Videre’s nomination for the Cabinetry & Joinery category, was part of a wider-scale home renovation and was built into the house structure.

Videre collaborated closely with the architect and on-site contractor to create a stunning aquarium ecosystem that provided a wow-factor to the interior space. The aquarium is located at the foot of the stairs down into the living area, and serves not only to give an amazing first impression to the room but also to act as a transitional divider between the kitchen and entertaining space.

The aquarium is a unique architectural, high impact feature with vibrant colours and multiple points of interest. We worked closely with the architect and contractors to run pipes under the flooring during the house renovation connecting the main display tank in the living area to the filtration equipment located 20 meters away in the garage.

Videre’s office aquarium featured in their Furniture – Contract category finalist award nomination was designed and created entirely with the client’s requirements at heart.

The client is a Birmingham city-centre digital agency, and as part of their growth and development strategy they wanted to create an internal working environment that was rich with biophilic design. The idea was to improve client experience when visiting, improve brand identity of the company and inspire/motivate employees while improving their wellbeing.

The aquarium was positioned in a prominent position overlooking the dining area and pool table, so it was easily accessible for team members to access and benefit from its calming properties.

Over the course of this project, Videre Aquariums saw the purpose of the aquarium evolve from solely being an interior design feature into a therapeutic tool to reduce work-related stress and anxiety.

Post-installation we worked with the client introducing different ways of engaging with the tank in the space to improve the overall health and wellbeing of individuals in the team.

Connecting people with nature

Akil Gordon-Beckford, founder and director of Videre comments, “We design bespoke aquariums to help people be happier and healthier at work and at home.

On a business level, I love working with interior designers, architects and other design professionals creating an aquarium that clients are proud of.

On a personal level, I thrive on educating and inspiring design professionals about their benefits for mental health and wellbeing for people in internal spaces.

This year has thrown up exponential challenges to people’s mental health, and my passion is to help people with their mental health and wellbeing, whether it’s through our architectural aquarium designs or simply by being there for a person.

To be nominated for two categories in this year’s SBID Awards is an incredible feeling and to be shortlisted alongside such prestigious brands is an honour. I have my team, my family and my clients to thank for helping me to push myself and being the best version of myself I can be.”

To vote for Videre in each of the categories, please visit the links below:

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