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Spreading the word and vision for ViDERE

ViDERE founder Akil Gordon-Beckford, recently featured on the Atom Ventures podcast. He talked with host Bhairav Patel all about his passion for biophillia and the journey with ViDERE.

From advertising in Yellow Pages in the early days of the business to embracing new digital platforms on which to communicate our vision of connecting people with nature to our audience, Akil reminisced about some of the highlights with ViDERE so far.

“It was a great experience to talk to Bhairav on the Atom Ventures podcast. To be able to share with his audience of SMEs, startups and charities about the benefits of biophilic design was incredible and I appreciated the opportunity Bhairav and the team gave to me.

Talking about our journey was an emotive subject, to just see how far the business has developed from the early days. We have worked on some fantastic projects where we have designed bespoke aquariums for offices, kitchen showrooms, residential properties and other interiors of distinction.”

Akil talked all about the design philosophy for ViDERE’s aquariums and the benefits they bring to people who engage with them.

To listen to the podcast, click here.

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